LIFE Events is one of the leading incentives and event companies in Croatia and Slovenia. LIFE Events provides creative, customized and unique corporate events, incentives, creative meetings, team-buildings and promotional events. LIFE Events is a boutique agency, offering exceptional service, while operating as a full service.

Each incentive is its own unique story, assembled from numerous filigree elements. Incentive event is a colourful mosaic, which is put together into a strong and long lasting picture. This is how we conceptualize our incentive events. We admit that a lot of energy is put into concepts and the development of a story at a certain destination. All needed pieces of the mosaic are joined in an orderly process: from the idea on paper to research, planning, preparation, multi-disciplinary work and to the final result of the implementation of an event.

Life Events’ mission is to provide unique event experiences and adventures, coexisting with nature as well as with special urban areas.



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