Canyoning in Slovenia

Canyoning is an unforgettable experience of discovering nature while following a water trail. If you are curious, if you love the magic of water and unspoiled nature, you will enjoy a new world, which is normally inaccessible.

If you are in luck and happen to find yourself in Slovenia, a magical land on the very beginning of the European Alps, then there is no other way but to put canyoning on your to-do list. Many things can change, but especially you are filled with a good feeling, that you have done something big and worthwhile. It is worth to visit Slovenia at least once in your lifetime and descend through one of its marvellous canyons. Canyoning is not an extreme or dangerous sport. For many years we have shown our clients that canyoning is an activity that everyone can do.

At LIFE Adventures we specialise in providing an adventure experience unlike any other. We go canyoning in some of Slovenia’s most secret places. All our guides are canyoning (CIC and SLO Canyoning) professionals, who have worked for many years, and are highly specialised, continually updating techniques and are very knowledgeable. They have a lot of experience of the trails they follow.

With over 20 years’ of experience in the field of Outdoor Adventure and the organization of extraordinary canyoning adventure, we at LIFE Adventures feel safe to say we know how to push boundaries together with our customers.

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Jereka Canyoning Canyoning_Fratarca_012 Bled & Bohinj

Grmečica Canyoning Canyoning Grmecica  Bled

Great Emerald Adventure fratarica_teamwork300 Bovec & TNP

Fratarica  CanyoningCanyoning_Fratarca_300a Bovec

Globoški potok Canyoning fratarica_300 Bovec

Sušec Canyon fratarica_300 Bovec