The Karawanks are a mountain range, which forms part of the border between Slovenia and Austria. Its total length of 120 km makes it one of the longest ranges in Europe. Here you can also find an abundance of alpine fauna and flora, with over 1200 different plant species, as well as having wonderful views into two contrasting countries.

The Karawanks are an ideal choice both for brief escapes into nature and “short” holidays in form of hikes or mountain bike trips lasting several days crossing the mountain range from east to west and vice versa. The possibilities are nearly endless, from heavenly pleasures and relaxing strolls to Alpine ordeals for the experienced and the enduring. The mysterious Baron’s Tunnels run through the mountain of Begunjščica. Rare alpine flowers and fossils line the path, with an open panorama of St. Ana Valley and the contours of the Karawanks. From the Preval Hut (1311 m) we can rest and admire the view opposite us, as the Košuta Ridge fills the horizon, before heading onward to Roblek Hut (1657 m) offering sweeping views across the Karawanks Range. The drive back passes castle Kamen, a castle whose 800-year-old ruins are hidden between the mountains.

Information & Price:

  • Dates: April – November
  • Duration: 4 – 6 hours of walking
  • Difficulty: easy to moderate walk
  • Price: 85 EUR /person (3 people or more in a group)
  • About: A great mountain range for walking and hiking.
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