River walking or river swimming is a form of special hiking, exploring and swimming in aquatic canyon. It is an outdoor activity, fresh and very special experience in Slovenia - in some ways similar to canyoning. River walking is a combination of walking, exploring the river, swimming along the river/canyon, easy rock climbing and easy jumping in clear pools. It involves particular techniques like easy rock climbing, climbing down on wet surfaces, swimming and understanding the geographical features of the valley and  its river. River Walking is one of the best ways to explore beautiful Alpine river and pristine nature. The wild landscapes and rough rivers of the Slovenian Alpine region offer great opportunities to practice exploring canyons. River walking - swimming trips in Slovenia are usually organised between June and September - high summer season. This is a wet and wild day full of different kind of moving through nature as well as having a relaxing day in nature, surrounded by beautiful flora and fauna. Information and price:

  • Dates: June - September
  • Duration: 2,5-3,5 hours of river walking / 2,5 hours of driving from Bled / 20 minutes from Bovec.
  • Difficulty: easy walking, swimming & jumping
  • Starting point: Bled or Bovec
  • Price: 68 EUR / person (at 3 people or more in a group)
  • Additional cost of 20 EUR /person if only 2 people are in a group.
  • Price include: Guiding, transfer, all equipment (wet-suites, shoes, diving mask,...), photos from walking/swimming trip, water.
  • About: The Best way to explore Alpine rivers and pristine nature of Triglav National Park.

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