Self Guided Tours

We are specialists for self guided tours and adventure holidays throughout Croatia, Slovenia, north-east Italy, south-west Austria, Serbia and Montenegro, with creative itineraries that feature the best of each region at the greatest possible value to you. With over 20 years’ of experience in the field of Outdoor Adventure and the organization of extraordinary self guided trips, we at LIFE Adventures feel safe to say we know how to push boundaries together with our customers.

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Cycling, Mountain Biking and Gravel bike Tours

We believe that a life spent in the outdoors is a life well lived. We’ve been sharing our passion for cycling and biking since 1998. With over 20 years of experience, we passionately believe that biking adventures and sustainable travel make the world a better place.

At LIFE Adventures it is all about the places you want to explore, be it biking on the trails around the Julian Alps, a leisurely cycling on the roads of the magical Istria or Friuli Venezia Giulia Region, or cycling along the spectacular Dalmatian Coast of Croatia. We are specialists for cycling/biking tours, bike events and active bike experiences throughout Croatia, Slovenia NE Italy and SW Austria (Alpe – Adria region). We offer creative itineraries for cycling, mountain biking and gravel biking tours that feature the best of each region at the greatest possible value for you.

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Slovenia is perfect country for bikers

Slovenia is a remarkable country and absolutely perfect for bikers. There are numerous mountain biking areas, all types of terrain for adventure-gravel biking, diverse and dynamic routes for road cycling, demanding mountain passes and remote road connections. A visit of Slovenia with a bike is an excellent choice for all types of bikers, also for bike travelers and new E-bike nomads.


We can proudly say that this little land “on the sunny side of the Alps”, a term our locals like to use, is an excellent choice for all types of bikers: lovers of mountain trails, road cyclists as well as travel (trekking) researchers and E-bike users. Slovenia is an undiscovered biking gem, which is slowly being polished, slowly awakening and this is an excellent opportunity for all bikers to experience unspoilt and remarkable natural wonders. Slovenia is considered Europe’s green destination.

At LIFE Adventures we are specialists for mountain biking and cycling tours and holidays throughout Slovenia, with creative itineraries and routs, bike services and operation and destination management that feature the best of region at the greatest possible value to you. With over 15 years of experience, we know all the secrets of biking tours. Join Us!

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