Juliana Trail

Juliana Trail is a long distance walking trail around the Julian Alps, Slovenia. Full loop is 270 km long and you will hike it in 15 sections (stages) around the Julian Alps. It connects Alpine valleys and pastures as well as other areas in the Julian Alps. Along the trail you will discover rich cultural and historical heritage as well as local, traditional culinary, learn about local architectural features and discover unknown, hidden corners of this diverse Alpine landscape. Explore the world of the Julian Alps.

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Snowshoeing in Triglav National Park

There is no better way to begin snowshoeing and enjoy Slovenian winter and Alps than just going and doing it. Snowshoeing has been around for thousands of years. And, obviously, the art of snowshoeing has become more sophisticated over time – now it’s considered a beautiful winter sport here in Slovenia. If you can walk, you can go snowshoeing!


We organize snowshoeing trips above the high Pokljuka Plateau, Tamar Valley and Vrsic Mountain Pass. Then, we organize great 3-days winter trekking in the Julian Alps by snowshoeing. Far away from crowds, with your guide, you will discover a preserved natural space in Triglav National Park and Julian Alps. A “truly outside” environment, an unforgettable experiment, to approach the winter mountain in an original way.

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Canyoning in Slovenia from Our guest

One of our guests, Magnus, kindly sent us a short film from a canyoning trip in Triglav National Park, a few days ago. Magnus wrote: “I went Canyoning with one of your tour guides yesterday. The whole time I was wearing my Gopro camera to film it all. I made a short video out of the clips. If you want to watch it here is the link  VIDEO