Juliana Trail

Juliana Trail is a long distance walking trail around the Julian Alps, Slovenia. Full loop is 270 km long and you will hike it in 15 sections (stages) around the Julian Alps. It connects Alpine valleys and pastures as well as other areas in the Julian Alps. Along the trail you will discover rich cultural and historical heritage as well as local, traditional culinary, learn about local architectural features and discover unknown, hidden corners of this diverse Alpine landscape. Explore the world of the Julian Alps.

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Lake Bled Tandem Paragliding

Experience new dimensions by flying over the magical Lake Bled. Fly like a bird above magical Lake Bled, Bled Caste and Bled Island. Welcome to LIFE Adventures, leading expert for tandem paragliding in Lake Bled. There’s simply no better way to fly above Lake Bled. Come fly with us!

We offer the highest level of safety and professionalism. We’ve turned our passion into a profession and love flying the skies high above the mountain summits of the Lake Bled and Julian Alps. Each one of our pilots is dedicated to meeting the specific needs of each passenger, ensuring you have the best possible flying experience!

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Bled Lake and Mt Triglav Helicopter Flight Experience

Take a journey with a helicopter to truly discover the Triglav National Park. Fly over Mount Triglav – The highest mountain in Slovenia – with exceptional views of Julian Alps and surroundings. This is the ultimate scenic flight journey, featuring Slovenia’s most beautiful places. Experience an amazing Helicopter flight in Slovenia.


  • View of Mt Triglav – The highest mountain in Slovenia.
  • View of Lake Bled with Bled castle.
  • View of Triglav National Park and Julian Alps.
  • View of amazing Alpine Lake Bohinj.


  • Duration: 35 minutes of flight / 80-100 minutes in total tour from Bled.
  • Group: Maximum 5 people.
  • Price: 255€*/person (*min. 4 people).
  • Price includes: Helicopter flight according to the itinerary (35 min), return transfer from Bled; bottled water, after flight drink with snack at the airport restaurant, all taxes and VAT.
  • Helicopter route: Your scenic flight journey will begin at Heli base in Lesce. Fly over the pristine Pokljuka forest and into the valley of Mt Triglav. Once you will reach Mt Triglav, you will go around it and cross Lake Bohinj and Lake Bled with Bled Castle.
  • Note: Flights may vary due to the weather and pilot’s judgment. A minimum number of passengers on the Helicopter scenic flight is 4. We carry a maximum of 5 passengers per flight. We can take a flight with just 3 passengers, but in this case the price is 360€.
  • Price for a private Helicopter flight: 1.180€

Statement: It’s a scenic helicopter flight Experience you will never forget.


Full Canyoning Day

If you are at least a bit of a researcher, nature lover and you like to do something wild and sportive, then Full Canyoning Day is the right thing for you.

Slovenia is a paradise for safe and relatively easy exploration of canyons. Canyoning is in Slovenia one of the most popular activities in the summer time, also due to the fact that canyons are extremely beautiful, diverse, full of waterfalls and deep pools. There is no better feeling than when you descend on a ten meters long natural slide and plunge into a deep pool of emerald coloured water. If you are in luck and happen to find yourself in Slovenia, a magical land on the very beginning of the European Alps, then there is no other way but to put Full Canyoning Day on your to-do list.


Information and Price:

  • Type of activity: Exploring deep water canyon in Triglav National Park.
  • Level of difficulty: Moderate to Demanding
  • Duration: 6 – 7 hours of canyoning; 10 hours of full day trip
  • Location: The canyon is located in Triglav National Park.
  • Characteristics: A canyon with an amazing waterfall, slides and unspoilt nature, perfect for exploring. Picnic lunch in the canyon!
  • Group size: 3 – 12
  • Price: 148 EUR / person (at min. 3 people in a group)
  • Price includes: Organisation, guidance by professional and friendly guides, easy canyoning course, return transfer from Bled or Bovec, picnic lunch in canyon (sandwich, energy bar, water), all equipment (helmet, harness, shoes, wet-suit, neoprene socks), photos done by guide, VAT.
  • The most experienced guides with you: Borut Svoljšak (CIC Canyoning guide), Katja Rogelj (SLO Canyoning guide), Jure Pfajfar (SLO Canyoning guide) and Luka Podlogar (SLO Canyoning guide)

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