We are exciting to announce we are back and cannot wait to meet you in Slovenia and Croatia this summer!

Croatia has open borders for tourists and no self-isolation is required after crossing the border. Slovenia announced the end of epidemic on May 15th and since then our lives have almost completely returned back to normal. One month since the end of epidemic, we are ready to start welcoming foreign visitors.

Throughout the crisis Croatia and Slovenia were lucky to maintain a rather low number of infected people, and we have every intention to keep it like that in the future. We will strictly follow all instructions provided by our National Institutes of Public Health and together we will make sure to keep each other safe and healthy.

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For more information about the latest updates and regulations, please visit the following pages

Slovenia: https://www.gov.si/en/topics/coronavirus-disease-covid-19/measures-to-contain-the-spread-of-covid-19-infections/

Croatia: https://www.koronavirus.hr/en