Inspiration for Discovering Slovenia

Have you ever shouted “I am happy!” to the other side of a valley? Have you ever had the feeling that tomorrow would enrich you with a new experience? Were you ever aware that infinite opportunities for discovery were close at hand? Would you like to know how we live here on the sunny side of the Alps? Would you like to experience the peace of purity somewhere in an unforgettable corner of our small, yet large, Slovenia? To find a moment for active recreation high above the valley where the horizon is sketched in iridescent colors, or somewhere deep in a valley where a wild and pure emerald-green river twists its way? Breathe in inspiration for travel and join us to discover Slovenia!

At LIFE Adventures we believe that all journeys begin with a desire to know and experience more. As always, we are exited and proud to be exploring new destinations and unique products all the time. We know how important variety and choice are to you, and we are delighted to offer a great opportunity of being a part of true Slovenia. We are here to listen, answer questions and share with you our love of Slovenia’s most amazing places.