River Walking is a hiking and an outdoor adventure activity. A combination of walking, easy down-climbing, jumping from rock to rock and sometimes swimming in a crystal clear pool. Seeing the river from a new perspective and a walk to remember – The River Walk with us! We follow the way of the water… A great adventure and walking excursion to explore a long and spectacular gorge. One of a kind, this itinerary follows the river and takes us deep into Karavanke Mountains, where we will walk along steep walls and ford the river surrounded by carved rock formations and huge boulders.


  • Dates: June/July/August 2014
    Dificulty: easy
    Duration: 4-6 hours (3 hours of walking).
    Start: Every day at 10.00 AM
    Price: 55 EUR /person / Price at minimum 3 people. Additional cost of 15 eur, if only 2 people are in a group.
    Price includes: guidance, transfer, technical equipment, traditional Slovenian meal in a local Gostilna “Pr Krvin”.
    Price does not include: drinks and other personal expenses.